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Oranges ~ Lemon ~ Pineapples

This Pour is a refreshing blend of citrus juices with a black tea base.  It can be used as a Family Friendly Pour or you can use it as a Potion by adding your favorite liquor.  Just so you know our personal fav is Peach Rum.  A great addition for gatherings with family and friends.  You will always be chosen as the person to bring the drinks!


1 Gallon
  • We make our juices fresh to order so you should recieve the freshest and tastiest product.  If for some reason you are not satisfied we will gladly replace it

  • Our Pours and Potions are packaged in a Gallon sized Disposable plastic jug for your convenience.  We Deliver in the Local area only (50-mile radius of Huntsville, AL  

    Presently we are not shipping because of cost and safety concerns.

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