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Floral icecubes

Updated: May 10, 2022

Hi guys!

I recently did a private catering job for a young lady celebrating her 75th Birthday..."What a blessing!" Her first name is Flora so she and her event planner Kevin Crenshaw of Behind the Bash Designs & Events decided to celebrate Garden Party Style. Since I was on Food Duty for this occasion you know I love a theme! The menu was pretty extensive but fun to play around with many flavors. So just for starters the menu options were pretty simple:

*Shrimp and Grits

I always enlist the help of Chef Todd w/Heavy Flavors...his S&G's are

*Fruit Cups topped with Fruit Skewer

*Flora's Garden Spritzer

Now this wasnt just any old punch...this Couture Creations Collection was created by me just for Mrs. Flora. Of course I used lots of florals in the mix and some herbs to make a delightfully refreshing drink for the ladies as they arrived. So Flora's Garden Spritzer is one thing but the presentation was whole vibe all by itself. The juice was served in clear glass punch cups on a floral tray w/a small floral bouquet. The spritzer was a lovely plum color and was kept cool with floral icecubes. I guess you are probably saying...Finally when are you going to get to the icecube part?😄 Well we are here!

Floral Ice Cubes

*Edible Flowers

*Ice Tray (Specialty Icecube trays can be found at Bar equipment, Target stores or places like Homegoods-which is where I found mine

*Distilled Water

1.Research edible flowers to make sure they are safe and choose an appropriate size for your ice tray (I used mini-carnations)

2.Clip Flower heads and place in a collinder

2.Rinse all flower heads to assure they are clean for use

3.Pour distilled water in a squirt bottle for more control when pouring (Distilled water allows for a much clearer ice cube vs. A foggy ice cube)

4.Place flower head straight up or you can lay it at an angle into each cup of the ice tray.

5. Carefully pouring water into the well and not on top of flower

6. Place trays in freezer and allow 8hrs to overnight freezing.

7. Pop out your beautiful Icecubes and use immediately or if you are like me I needed a lot so I immediately placed them in a zip lock bag and repeated the process. If you are doing this...don't let them sit out to long as they will begin to melt and then they will all stick together.

They were the hit of the Pre-lunch and added that small detail to Mrs. Flora's Garden Party!

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