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Custom Stemware

CC Stemware Details is a collection of Hand-Crafted Wine and Rocks Glasses embellished with organic materials for that one-of-a-kind distinct look.  CC Accessory Collection Stemware make a perfect gifts for Showers, Anniversaries and they are the perfect accessory to make your event pure Couture.  


Wedding Accessories

When you look back on your photos...Will they reflect each detail?  The answer is:  They why not add details that will make your memories stand-out from the rest.Contact Couture Creations and let us create something special for you. 


Natural Stones

We we use natural stones and metal embellishments for our products and attach with glass with any hand-crafted item you may loose some stones over a period of time with wear and tear.  To aid with this we provide a small tube of adhesive and extra stones for onsite repair. 



Wash items carefully in lukewarm water and a very small amount of liquid soap on the inside  use  your hand  to go over outside and AIR DRY! Most pieces  are very fragile but it is ok to go ahead and get your Sipping Pretty Drink on.

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